Welcome to Mediocrity

This is my new space. I don’t have time for too much of a formal introduction. I’m “Eve,” here to divulge the inner ramblings of my life. Personal. Raw. Boring. Thrilling. Whatever it may be. I hope you will all know that this blog is meant to be anonymous, so that I can feel free to divulge the material lingering in my head. I’m not doing this to go behind my family’s back. I’m not doing this to live a secret life. I’m doing this because the human experience is powerful. Whether or not you lived a similar life to mine, or something completely foreign, I feel like we connect on that human level of understanding. Celebration. Devastation. Worry. Hope.

At the moment, the subject matter on my mind most is mediocrity. Living a mediocre life because the fear of rocking the boat and what it may lead to.  Some days I just feel like I am existing, with life passing by. Just wanting to keep the wool over my eyes, my head down, and just keep walking. Just keep moving. Just keep ignoring.