Career Directions and Passions

Last month I spoke to a career counselor who I found really helpful. I’ve been feeling very directionless and uninspired when it comes to my career future. I’m about to (finally) get my license as professional counselor. I just didn’t know what I wanted to do after that. I know I need to make more money. Not tons of money, just more money. “Enough” money. My counselor had of course stated that going into private practice as a counselor was definitely the elephant in the room and we needed to decide if that’s the direction I wanted to take or if we were going to take it off the table. Honestly, going into private practice scared the crap out of me. What if I fail? What if I get no clients? What if I can’t support myself? What if my clients hate me? Who would want to see me anyway? What do I have to offer?! There were all these huge mental hurdles getting in the way. I was also extremely concerned about burn out. I’ve been hitting that a lot at my job because it’s so repetitious. I’ve also been very frustrated with the lack of control that I have with working with a large institution. I dislike having to be here for set hours even when there’s no work to do. I dislike the office politics. I want more control! I want to choose my working hours and make decisions that are best for me and my family.

I actually really enjoy counseling. I love being in session with my clients. It does make me nervous at times. I do fear being unable to help someone, or saying the wrong thing, or just not being the best that I can be for them. Choosing to continue in a career of private practice would mean facing those fears, daily.

On the information sheet I filled out for my counselor, it asked what I liked to do in my leisure time. At the time I was filing it out, the only thing that could come to my head was all the stuff I did BEFORE I had a baby and how I have no time to do any of that stuff anymore. Then later, I asked my counselor how she kept from getting burned out. She said that she finds the things that energizes her and does more of it. That marinated in me for a few days and suddenly I started thinking about what I actually DO in my leisure times these days that fulfill me.

Connecting with other mothers.

I realized that since the birth of my daughter, I have blogged about motherhood, I have set up a facebook group to connect other mothers going through the ups and downs of motherhood, I have written a guide to pumping breastmilk at work, and I created a 30 day daily e-mail of encouragement that I send out to all my friends for the first 30 days after they have a child. Supporting mothers is clearly important to me. I feel passionate about it. I suffered from severe baby blues or even mild postpartum depression and I just felt like I didn’t know how hard it was actually going to be. I felt so unprepared and alone at times. If it weren’t for this blogging community, I think I’d feel like a freak at times.

So, I’ve decided that I want to set up a practice with an emphasis on mothers/want to be mothers/women, etc. I’d like to create more support networks and programs. Possibly developing an online component. I want to do this.

This is going to take time. I have a goal of getting things set up for next summer and perhaps reducing my hours at work next summer and transitioning toward a private practice. I have a big vision in my head but I struggle with the details sometimes. Though, for the first time in a long time I actually feel excited about something. I actually feel like I want to accomplish something. That feels good. It feels hopeful.


7 thoughts on “Career Directions and Passions

      • Mo says:

        I understand. The trick is to transition gradually (I’ve made the move to freelancer in the past). Work time and a half at both until things become stable as a private counselor, and then cut down.
        It will mean no sleep for a while but it’s the most “safe” option. (It does have it’s drawbacks though. Talk to me if you want when the time is right).

  1. robin says:

    I had a therapist come to my home during the worst of my PPD and it was very important for me. Even though I didn’t love her as a therapist and I stopped seeing her when I started feeling better, just the fact that she came to ME, sometimes she held a baby for me so I could pee, or whatever. It was so good to have that, to know she was coming at that specific time on that day of every week. I looked forward to it for a while. It turns out we didn’t really mesh well personally, but I only realized that after I started feeling better, so what I’m saying is it isn’t so important because what I needed was just consistency and support. (This therapist also specializes in mothers, her website is mommy groove something) You can do it!! It is valuable and important work!

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