Who is this child?

My sleeping child amazes me. Who are you? What happened to my poor baby that couldn’t sleep longer than 1.5hrs at a time? Seriously being woken 4+ times a night for most of the first year of your life. I can’t believe I sustained that kind of sleep deprivation. I am glad you finally came around. I knew you would in your own time. Or did I? I might have felt hopeless at times….
Last night you begged me and your dad to put you in your crib at 6:20pm. You were ecstatic to be in it. You didn’t wake up until 6:30 this morning. Normally you wake up between 5:45 & 6:15am.
Still. This quiet uninterrupted sleep is INSANE. It’s a dream I feel like I will wake up from at any moment. Someone pinch me! (No, don’t).
I still hate waking up at 6 with you daily but a little coffee and your sweet face quickly make it better. It has become my favorite time of day.
I pick you up from your crib and put you on the daybed with me in your room. You have your lovie in hand and you get so thrilled when I give you a bottle of milk. I turn on PBS kids and we watch Wild Krats. You love it. We snuggle together, both of us with disheveled hair. You lean your head on me and smile. It’s so great. So so so great. It makes 6am something to look forward to.


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