Amateur Anxiety

Does anyone here suffer from the “I can’t be the best so I don’t want to even try” syndrome?

In life, there’s always going to be someone better than you. A lot better than you. Probably many people that a lot better than you. They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to become an expert. That’s a lot of time. As I’m prepping for my future of transitioning my career over to a private practice of hopefully working with mothers/want to be mothers, I am of course looking at what other professionals in the area are doing. Whenever I see a website of another treatment professional who lists all of their associations, their credentials, and 20 years of experience, I think to myself, ugh. Why would anyone see me? I stink! I’ll never compare. I’ll never be good enough. It makes me just want to not even try.

So weird right? I mean, logically in my head I know that everyone starts somewhere. And if everyone compared themselves to the best of the best and decided not to put forth in effort in learning, no one would get help. Nothing would ever get done around the world. No one would try. No one would learn. If every aspiring musician just gave up because they weren’t the best… we’d have no music.

So, I know I have to try. I know I have to start from somewhere and expect things to be slow. I know that people get 20 years of experience only from starting with zero. It’s just scary. Super scary. I am prepping myself by reading a bunch, trying to schedule trainings, etc. I am not one to just jump into something blind. I have to remember that.

On another note, one thing I am doing is starting “professional blog posts.” Nothing to be posted yet, but starting to write so I have a whole bunch of posts already written that I can add to my website when I’m up. One thing I’ve always enjoyed, as a woman, and a person, is relatable posts. Psychological and medical jargon is ok and absolutely has its place, but real stories, real quotes, real feelings are what I connect with. If any of you ladies out there would be willing to submit some quotes, or answers to questions in the future, I would be more than grateful.

For example, one of the blog pieces I’d like to discuss would be parenting after infertility. I’ve ready many of your stories of how many years you’ve struggled to have children, and then read about the emotional struggles that you face AFTER receiving that child. Like, parenting is hard, and I think at times we all might have feelings like “what have I done” or “I hate being a mom,” but I imagine for some, after struggling for so long to BECOME a mother, how does one reconcile those two feelings? And, that it’s OK to feel that way. Like, just because one of the things you wanted your whole life was to become a mom, you’re completely allowed to have feelings of regret. Or feelings of being overwhelmed. Or I can’t take it anymore.

Other topics would of course be ones closely related to postpartum anxiety and depression. Topics of unwanted advice/judgments from other women/people.  I’d of course also welcome any ideas you have about topics you think other women would like to read about/connect with.


One thought on “Amateur Anxiety

  1. Your project sounds great and I wish you all the best! Something I struggled with during my pregnancy was the whole idea of giving birth naturally. I know it’s not easy for anyone, but after conceiving through injections and pills etc when everything was planned and controlled by the doctors, the idea of letting go and listen to my body seemed totally foreign (and terrifying) to me. I could have done with some help at the time…

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