Just a freak out 2 days before heading out of the country

So Adam, Lamb, and I are headed to Belize Wednesday morning for a family wedding. You know, remote island Belize.

On Saturday morning, Lamb wakes up with a cough. She sleeps horribly Saturday night. Then last night, she sleeps even more horribly (up consistently until 1am. I gave her benadryl at midnight to see if that would help her sleep). AND, she starts running fever last night too.


Cue complete and total meltdown freakout inside my head right now. I mean, I was already stressing enough about packing. Now I’ve got a sick kid. Traveling with a sick kid?!

So, I’ve scheduled a doctor’s appointment for this afternoon to rule out the flu. Also perhaps to get antibiotics in case her ears get worse (I’ve heard flights with ear infections are horrific).

Sometimes, as a mom, I want to murder my spouse. I just, I am so sick of parenting being the whole “mom responsibility thing.” Like, Adam wonders why I run around like a headless chicken sometimes but that’s because I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR REMEMBERING EVERYTHING. Case in point:

I was up with Lamb until 1am (I probably only got 4 hours of solid sleep last night).

I am getting ready to wake Adam up so I can leave for work when Lamb then wakes up and vomits in her crib from coughing. So, I have to get her out of vomit soaked outfit. She had BOTH her lovies in her crib. One was vomit covered, the other had some vomit on it but not a lot. I knew she’d freak if I washed them both at the same time, so I throw her sleep sack, crib sheet, and vomit covered lovie in the washer on speed wash.

I go wake up Adam. I tell him Lamb was up all last night, she’s sick. She can’t go to school today. I’ve got a couple apointments at work that I cannot miss this morning. I will come home right after.  I tell him lovie is in the wash, and the other one she has still has some vomit on it.

I leave for work. I call my mother. My mother graciously agrees to keep Lamb today. I call Adam, say, please take her to my mom’s.

1 hour later, text message from my mother: “What size shoe does Lamb wear?”

Me: “oh JESUS, did Adam forget to bring shoes?!”

Mom: “Bingo”

Me: “and did he bring the clean lovie or the one with a little vomit on it?”

Mom: “little vomit”

Me: “!@(&!*!!*@()$*$))%R”   really the guy couldn’t remember SHOES or put the laundry in the dryer on speed dry?! Seriously?! And I have to pick her up from my mom’s and take her to the doctor this afternoon.



So, yeah. I’m not happy. I’m tired. I’m worried.


One thought on “Just a freak out 2 days before heading out of the country

  1. I feel like Dads do great when it’s in routine but throw them out of routine and something always gets forgotten/messed up, very frustrating! It’s very frustrating because then we just take on more stress/worry ourselves and feel like we can’t put it on our partner and trust it will get done *correctly* or at all depending.

    I try to have my husband do anything that I can that I won’t stress about if it’s not the way I’ll do it. He can get Alex dressed, get her to school or out someplace and feed her. If she wakes up he can deal with her. If it involves out of the ordinary (medicine or packing for something) – I either do it or give explicit details, or else I worry constantly. It’s stressful 😦

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