We all made it to Belize. It was quite the journey though.
It started by aiming to leave the house by 6:15 am to head to the airport. Adam is notoriously slow… so we left 20 min later than planned.
3 min before we got to the parking lot, Lamb started vomiting profusely all over herself and the carseat. It was SO MUCH. And she wasn’t happy about it.
I changed her as fast as I could in the
car just as the bus came to pick us up. We had to scramble because we were already running late. And yeah, we had to leave both clothes and carseat covered in vomit. So when we return Sunday the car is going to smell like a 5 day old dead body. Please help us.
Though I put new clothes on her, we both smelled of vomit. That wouldn’t come out until I was able to take a shower that night. (Did I mention that on Monday she was diagnosed with a cold and the starts of an ear infection? She is on antibiotics but not wanting to eat too much).
So, we take bus to airport as Lamb lays collapsed on my shoulder. We wait in line at the airport to check our luggage. We make it to the gate and wait for the plane which is now 20min delayed.
The plane is 100% full and somehow all three of our tickets got split into three different rows!!!! Wtf?
So thankfully there is some family on the plane that move so Lamb can sit next to me but Adam is in a row not near us. I was so worried she was going to throw up again or have a meltdown. Thankfully she was better than I could have imagined on the plane. Ridiculously good. And most importantly no vomit and no tears.
Once we make it to Belize we have to go through this long ass customs line. That’s when Lamb started melting down (she was exhausted and it was past nap time and she only slept 10min on the plane). thank God for the sweet lady that was there and let us go ahead in the line!! It was a mad rush bc there were 40 people on the plane who were attending the same wedding as us at the same resort and not everyone could leave the airport at once bc the next step was taking a puddle jumper plane.
We managed to get booked for the puddle jumper 10 seater airplane. We only had to wait 5min. It was like crazy fast as we were racing to just keep going and make it to our destination.
We just kept promising Lamb we were going to go swimming in a pool.
The tiny air plane was great. Very smooth and gorgeous views off the water. Just a 10min flight. We land on the island, grab our luggage and immediately get whisked away in a mini van which was like mr toad’s wild ride. It took us to the boat dock where we boarded a boat which took us on a 10min ride to the resort. Finally, finally, finally… We made it to the resort!!!! 🙂 🙂 they greeted us with rum punch! Mmmm
Lamb was a champ through it all. First thing we did was go swimming!! She was so happy.


Now nothing to do but relax!


3 thoughts on “Belize

  1. Wow what an adventure – sorry about the vomit, it will be gross to deal with later BUT try to forget about it and enjoy your time, nothing you can do in the meantime anyway and it will be an hour or so of your life, no big deal really (but ugg!). So glad she wasn’t sick again and the plane ride was easy!

  2. Glad you made it !!! I hope you have a good trip, I am sorry you will get back to a stinky car, maybe you can bring some vinegar back with you somehow and when you get to your car just have it .. HAHA I know that is not realistic at all. Anyway, enjoy enjoy!

  3. Oh man that car is going to be bad! Maybe you can get a nice person at the airport to arm you with cleaning supplies for the car seat. And pitch the clothes… Hope you have a great time!

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