Going back

I just scheduled a well-woman visit with my doctor in a couple of weeks. I haven’t been back since I got my Mirena IUD and then they checked it a month later. After being there so much during pregnancy (several times per week my last week, then of course the after delivery check, then the Mirena insert, then a month later checking the mirena), and all the hoopla.. I just, I don’t know. It was weird thinking about going back for a well-woman. I just needed a break. It was too much. And, there is like this weird thing of going back after you’ve been there for a different reason. Anyone else have this issue?

Also, I have a few questions to ask about my Mirena like, why do I have giant goops of clear discharge coming out of me. Like seriously someone actually cracked an egg white inside of me. An egg white a day, or more. It’s nuts. What’s that about?


3 thoughts on “Going back

  1. It feels weird for me too to go for my yearly check. I have always been more of an every other year type anyway.

    You have the egg white disharge all the time? I don’t know anything about how Mirena effects hormones since I have never had a use for birth control. I used to have particularly goopy cycles now and again but not for more than a few days in a row.

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