I want to open up an indoor playplace near me that opens at 5am daily and has a coffee shop inside (and perhaps a margarita bar after 5pm). ALL the playplaces only do private parties on the weekends. Well, for all us working moms, I sometimes need a place to take my kid and especially on the days when she wakes up at 5am.

I keep having fantasies of running my own business. Any kind of business. Of course, I know nothing of business.

I feel this desperate need to work with my hands and create something. All of this “mind intensive” therapy crap that I do is just overloading me. I have fantasies of running away and becoming a landscape artist. If only I knew a thing or two about landscaping.

I have hit burn out so hard on my job right now it feels like I could just walk away today and quit. I really really really want to. I kind of want to cry when I get to work. It’s not that my work environment is that bad. It’s generally a pleasant place to be. I’m just SO BEYOND BURNED OUT.

I kind of want to leave counseling for awhile. But to do what?


One thought on “Dreams

  1. Could you talk to a career counselor type person? There might even be some online personality/career test things. That could at least get you playing around with ideas and looking at what kinds of things you might like. What about branching off into art therapy? Or taking some crafting workshops and learn something new to do with your hands.

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