Not trying to be judgey here…

But I am.
Adam’s sister’s husband bought her a $115k Mercedes for her birthday. To quote in her text message, “my dream car.”
Perhaps another “sorry I am never home, and instead gone 25 days and nights out of a month” gift?
And apparently she is already talking about a third child, except you see she doesn’t even give birth to her second child until the fall.
*sigh* sometimes it’s hard to relate, as I call myself Practical Patty around here.
Do you ever want people to eat their words? I know that is not a nice compassionate human thing to say. I know our actions matter more than our thoughts, but you all get my thoughts.
I just really sort of hope Adam’s mom is eating her words. As she had said to me when her stepdaughter married her husband Bill, that “I can just tell that Bill will be an absent husband and father” but you see, Bill, in my opinion is awesome. I adore him. And Bill chose to stay home and work from home half the time so his daughter wouldn’t go to daycare. Can’t call that absent…
But when Adam’s sister married douchebag, Adam’s mother kept saying “he is the answer to my prayers. He is so wonderful.” But yeah, who is the absent father and husband now?

Sorry sometimes I let my negative side come out on the blog bc it is anonymous. Not always this much of a negative nelly, and I am still working on trying to develop empathy for Adam’s sister and her botox face. Damn it! There I go again 🙂


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