Kind of freaking out

So last night I had planned to go to Lamb’s daycare to a parenting class called Assertive Parenting and Love and Logic. Funny enough, my parents attended a parenting workshop called Love and Logic when my older brother was a toddler. I guess this stuff is still around. Anyway, this was just like a 1.5 hour class so nothing in great detail. It was helpful though. Since I’m trained in behavioral therapy and all, a lot of it was sort of common sense and stuff that I generally do, but there was a lot that was very informative and even inspirational. I also left with a big sense of, whoah, it’s a big responsibility to be a parent. Not just in the feeding, clothing, and loving your child. But as it relates to helping your child learn to thrive in this society.

So the part I’m freaking out about has nothing to do with that. As I walked in to the school, I ran into Lamb’s teacher. She stopped me and the conversation went something like this.

Teacher: So, I didn’t get to tell your husband today when he was picking up Lamb because I was busy talking to another parent, but I put in my two weeks notice today. 

Me: What? Oh no! we are going to miss you so much. Do you have another job?

Teacher: *teary eyed* no…

Me: no? I mean, what are you going to do, what’s going on?

Teacher: I just can’t work here (seemed to be implying something)

Me: Is this something I need to know about?

Teacher: yea

Me: okay, would you like to e-mail me or call me later?

Teacher: yes give me your phone number

So, I leave this conversation and immediately walk into the parenting class (a little late now) and have to sit down with this on my mind the whole time. I sit next to one of my best friends who is there (her son also goes to Lamb’s school. He’s about 6 months older). After the class I pull her aside and share the conversation I just had with the teacher. My friend says Really? She just babysat for us this Friday. What could be going on? 

My friend decided she would call/text the teacher that evening since she knows her better than I do. This morning I got a text from my friend saying “I spoke on the phone for an hour last night with the teacher. I was exhausted. We should talk later today….”

!!! So, the suspense is killing me. And now it’s probably killing you, at least a little. I promise to update when I find out what is going on. But I’m telling you, all I could think of is my very all or nothing thinking at times, saying to myself, I’ll just pull my kid out of school. I’ll quit my job and stay home with her. None of this worry is ever worth it! I’ll home school her forever!

That’s unlikely, but I did realize that my friend and I could probably pay this teacher what we pay the school every month and if we both paid her to watch our kids full time it would be an actual pay raise for her (sadly because daycare teachers don’t make much money at all which hurts my heart). There are some logistical problems with that but it’s worth a consideration, possibly, considering whatever is going on.

Oiye it’s tough to be a parent.


3 thoughts on “Kind of freaking out

  1. Oops, hit send too early. It won’t give her benefits but from a former nanny, I think it sounds like a great idea. You can still do taxes for her and then you guys can get the childcare income credit or whatever it is. There are programs to help with doing nanny taxes.

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