First of all, thanks everyone for chiming in and offering up your concerns. The whole situation sucks. My friend and another mom are organizing a meeting with the board of the school, which I will attend.

I also just texted Lamb’s teacher and asked her if she could ask around to see if there were any other parents (preferably of girls in Lamb’s class) that would be interested in splitting the teacher to take care of their kid and my kid full time. Of course, the care would have to happen at their house, which would make things complicated of course.

I just contacted a few people on facebook that supposedly have full time nanny’s to ask them the following questions:

1. Does your nanny get vacation days and/or sick days. If so, how does that work?

2. How do you handle meals?

3. How does transportation work? Does your nanny have a car and a car seat?

4. How old is your child and what kinds of things does your nanny do with them?

We just can’t a) afford a full time nanny to just take care of Lamb and b) can’t have Lamb in our house during the day because my husband works from home and sleeps during the day sometimes too, so he really needs the peace and quiet that it provides which she is at school and I am at work.

What would be great is if we could move into a house that had a garage apartment where my husband could set up shop… like, with an office and a bed in there so he could nap during the day.

Leave it to these situations to make you feel like a terrible parent for working! argh!


One thought on “Considerations

  1. That is typically called a Nanny share. Some nannies have car seats already but you as the parent should check them over and make sure they are used and installed properly. If you bring your child to another family’s home for a nanny share, you can either pack all of your child’s food or do a split where you pack food for both children one week and the other parent provides food the next week for both (I think everyone doing their own is less confusing). Sick days and vacation days: I have had them with a couple jobs but not most. Always have a backup plan for when your child, the other child, or your nanny is sick.

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