Tired and not sleeping

I can’t sleep. I’m so stressed about everything going on in Lamb’s daycare. Yesterday they fired the good teacher (not the bad one). We have organized about 10 parents through e-mail. Some have been sharing their experiences, and to be honest some make me feel sick to my stomach.

We are planning a parent meeting and then a meeting with the board. We hope to get a) the teacher fired and b) the head person fired because that person has said things like “I’ve known __(teacher) for 30 years. She would never do anything like that.”  BULL FUCKING SHIT WOMAN. So, if she’s not out, we’re out.

And that just makes me so stressed. I feel so confused as to where to go, what to do. It’s hard enough being in this rat race of the getting to work, trying to get Lamb to school. Problems with Adam’s sleep. Adam works from home and needs quiet. I just feel like my hands are tied and it’s giving me a migraine.

I’ve only been sleeping a few hours the last couple of nights. Many things (like Lamb, or Adam’s phone)  have woken me up, but then my anxiety prevents me from getting back to sleep.


3 thoughts on “Tired and not sleeping

  1. Hugs! That sucks the teacher got fired but then it gives her unemployment and could help if she decided to pursue it legally. This parent meeting sounds like a good idea to get everyone on the same page. I have had success with using some homeopathy for anxiety, especially the falling asleep or back to sleep kind.

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