Yeah….. so…. the committee was horrifically defensive for the entire painful 1.5 hours (Mo called it). All the parents that were there were pretty disgusted. One spokesperson on the committee was particularly awful. Like a rabid tazmanian devil. Thankfully, the parents weren’t afraid to tell her that.

The way you are responding is not helping. It’s making the situation worse.

You are being so defensive that we’re completely losing our trust in you.  

You clearly aren’t hearing any of our concerns. 

My friend who was there said she felt like the pastor heard us. I’m not entirely sure if he did or not. I mean, of all the people, he was the most neutral one. But I still think the entire committee is blinded because they have been friends with this teacher or known her as a church member for many years.

We as parents made it extremely clear that we wanted this teacher removed and that we would not accept any other outcome. The committee said they would have to talk and they would let us know.

I couldn’t fall asleep last night. I had a small glimpse in to what it would be like for someone with chronic anxiety. I tossed and turned. I fell asleep for a few hours, woke up, stayed awake for another 2 or so hours. I finally dozed back off to sleep around 5am only to be awoken by my daughter over the monitor at 5:30am.

It was kind of adorable. I had failed to pull her hair back in a hairband, and she was sleeping with a bow in her hair. I walked in to her room to find her sitting in her crib, the bow barely attached to a lock of hair that was hanging in her face, crying and complaining “my bow mommy, my bow fell out, my bow.” After I fixed things she then got upset again because she had snot in her nose. She whined “Mommy I have boogers.” So adorable that it made me laugh.

We spent the rest of the morning snuggled in bed watching Wild Kratts. That was at least enjoyable.


3 thoughts on “Frustration

    • I think several of them will be. Not sure where they would go. There are so many wait lists in our area of town. It’s insane. I really don’t think the school will fire the teacher, but they MIGHT move her to work in the kitchen or something like that. That’s my gut instinct as to what will happen.

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