Making a book out of my blog

So, I’ve kept a personal blog that family and friends read. It updates on what my daughter’s doing, includes pictures, etc. I started that blog when I was 25 weeks pregnant.

I have researched a lot of different companies that will print your blog, but from the reviews I have read there are definitely cons to each of those companies. I recently decided to go with LuLu publishing after reading about a positive experience with them and the format. There is one huge downside though. Formatting. I had to copy and paste every single blog post to a word document. I had some problems because my blog had tons of picture sand videos and links. I had to remove all the pictures and videos. I will have to insert back in the pictures that I want so that the pictures are imbeded in the word document and not just a link to the internet.

It’s taking FOREVER! (editing post by post) But, when I am done, I think it’s going to be pretty awesome. Everything should be formatted beautifully and it should be easy to read. I am really excited because I would have loved something like that, to read all my mom’s thoughts about being pregnant and her experiences as a mother.

This is kind of morbid sounding but I sort of see it like a form of insurance, just in case something happens to me, my daughter will get a glimpse into who I am and my love for her. Hopefully though I live a very long time with her!


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