Brave New World without Diapers

So I’m not supposed to tell you all that we’re starting potty training tomorrow. Okay you all probably don’t count as people I’m not supposed to tell. But supposedly, you tell people, and then they give you all their opinions and then when you’re in the midst of Hell you wonder why you made the choice you made =P But that doesn’t happen here.

I am going to be following the book “Oh Crap! Potty Training.”  It’s hilarious. It’s wonderful. It’s informative. It’s a brave new world.

Why now?

  • Lamb is 26 months old
  • At school, Lamb has told the teachers before that she needed to go peepee and poo and they walked her to the potty and she actually went
  • At home recently, when she’s walked around without a diaper, she had 2 partial accidents (I say partial because she started to go peepee, stopped herself, ran to the potty, and finished there).
  • On a couple of occasions at home without a diaper (after bath) she has said she needed to go potty and ran to the potty without an accident
  • This morning she did NOT want to put on a diaper before school. Finally when getting her dressed, I put a pull-up on her. A few minutes later she told me “Mommy I go pee pee” and ran to the potty, sat on the potty, and went. Her pull-up was dry so she had no accident.

So I know that she is capable and all we have to do is just take the leap of faith. I will still be putting diapers/pull-ups on her for nap and night time until we can work that out. I am sooooooooooooo not looking forward to having to monitor her fluids all the time, ask her to go pee, needing to pee in the car, and not being able to be leisurely at stores. I’ve been researching travel potty’s until my eyes have gone red. There are pros/cons to all and I just don’t know what my daughter will like. As of now, she’s terrified of any big toilet. I don’t think public restrooms are going to work out for a few more months. I will keep a potty in the car. Might even just get a normal kid potty for the car rather than the travel potty (I would just put a liner in the bowl or something).

I really just don’t know what to get! If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them. I have the toilet seat inserts, but as of now she’s still scared of the big potty so she’s not sitting on those.

The plan:

  1. Day 1, I am taking off Friday from work. She will go completely pant-less (naked below the waist). I will give her lots of fluids and watch her like a hawk all day and just keep reinforcing that potty.
  2. Day 2, depending on the success of day 1, we may try shorts on her (without underwear) or she may remain pant-less. If she’s doing well, we’ll take short trips in the back area outside to play and see how we do.
  3. Day 3, continue on with the progress, including very short car trips
  4. Day 4, which is Monday, she will go to her grandma’s house and continue with everything
  5. Day 5, Tuesday, she will go to her other grandma’s house and perhaps try underwear for the first time and see if that works out ok or if it hinders her progress. If it hinders her progress, she’ll go commando for awhile longer.
  6. Day 6, Wednesday: she will return to daycare and only wear pull-ups at nap time.



5 thoughts on “Brave New World without Diapers

  1. I haven’t heard of that book but funny is always good. Go slow and keep your expectations reasonable. It sounds like she is ready but it can take some time! We do diapers only for sleep and out of the house. He has only used a public bathroom once but has peed and pooped at home and Gramma’s house on big toilets. Oh and a friend’s house once. Fear of big toilets is real and she will get there eventually. My one thing is the excess fluids. It will likely mess up her normal body rhythm of peeing and overwhelm you both. There is no need to ramp up the fluids to potty train. Wouldn’t it feel scary to all of a sudden be having to pee every 20 minutes?! It’s okay to just keep her on her normal routine of eating and drinking. One thing I read that helped me was not forcing him to go diaperless out of the house or for nap if he wasn’t feeling it. It is okay to partially potty train and let her get used to it. I’m ready to be done with daytime diapers but we have had two car seat accidents and I don’t want to deal with that again. I have the insert that folds up and goes on a big toilet and also a folding potty that you can use with a bag or on a big toilet. He doesn’t like the folding one really. I have a friend who just has a potty with a lid in the back of her truck for emergencies.

  2. robin says:

    Good luck!!! Our travel potty is the potette, it folds up pretty small and sets up with a liner or can go on top of a toilet. Banana prefers to just use the big toilet with no potty seat, just me holding her. Apple for a while would only use the potette on the floor, even in a bathroom with a toilet. But now he will let me hold him over the toilet. So I keep the potette in the car and when we go somewhere without an easily accessible bathroom (beach, playground, nature center) I put it in a backpack. We’re a little over a month in and we are doing great, still some minor bed wetting (Apple is 100% dry overnight and Banana is dry overnight about 80-90%) and Apple has a hard time with pooping. But we stopped diapers day and night, completely cold turkey. They will be 3 in two months though, so a little bit older, but the book I read said it makes more sense (to them) to stop diapers completely instead of dragging out the sleep thing. It’s worked for us but I understand the fear! We’ve been doing a lot of laundry, I bought extra sheets and shorts and underwear but we’re still washing pretty often.

    Banana has had a few car seat accidents when she falls asleep in the carseat and stays there for a long time sleeping, when she wakes up she pees (it’s happened twice in the month since no diapers). So I put a puppy pee pad down under her tush just in case that happens again. It hasn’t yet but I think it will work. She drinks a LOT of water so she has to pee frequently, she is great about going when she needs but struggles with holding it in as she wakes up. It’s really only while she is waking up, she doesn’t pee while she’s sleeping.

    Anyway, good luck!!!

    • I think the potette is the other one I have too. And my son pees when or right after he wakes up too. I think there is a biological milestone for being able to stay dry with sleep but I haven’t read more on that.

  3. I have no tips. I’ve been trying to just get E to sit on the potty and she wants nothing to do with it. Kid potty, big potty, doesn’t matter. If we weren’t trying to sell out house I’d let her run bare butt during the day, but she absolutely does not care one bit about being wet, or having a poopy diaper. She’s even peed all over herself without a diaper on and was only mad because she slipped in the pee before I could clean it up and fell down.
    Good luck! So glad Lamb is willing to try and doing such a great job already! I’m hoping E will be ready before kindergarten. 😉

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