Kill’n It

I’ve got to say. This girl is kill’n it with potty training. I feel like I can speak freely on here about it since this is technically an anonymous blog. Lamb will never see this nor will anyone who really knows her.

Day 1:

I told her, okay Lamb, NO MORE DIAPERS! We’re done with diapers! You’re big now and we are putting all the diapers away! She liked this phrase, “no more diapers” and she repeats it frequently.

I let her run around the house with no clothes on. I put her on the potty that morning, and she peed. She got rewarded with candy. I DID IT!!! I GET CANDEE I GET CANDEE!! That’s what she screams with extreme enthusiasm. They give her candy at school for going pee (a jelly bean), so she asks for candy whenever she sits on the potty. I just decided to go with it. I figured this won’t last forever. And it’s been a good motivator to get her to actually go. She had 1 accident downstairs in the morning and it was partially my fault because I went into the kitchen so I wasn’t watching her closely. When that happens, the minute they start to pee you’re supposed to grab them and put them on the potty as quickly as possible (even if pee is trailing everywhere). We didn’t have any accidents until later in the day when I had to put on shorts on her because she requested she go on the balcony and also in our back area (which is a common area between town homes). So both times with shorts she had accidents.

Poop. For the love of God please help this constipated child with her poop. She needed to go, and that was an experience I never want to relieve. Talk about a solid giant clump of grapes all coming out together, which I am sure was horribly painful for her. My heart just ached for her. And I was pretty much trying to catch it in the potty, as she cried. It was like helping someone birth a child. I’ve been trying to give her all kinds of foods to help, but nothing is. So, I have finally started with miralax and am hoping that will soften things up.

Naps and sleep. We did diapers/pull-ups for naps and sleep and that worked out fine.

I was really exhausted by the end of day one. Some of the time, she would prompt herself “I need go potty” and she’d do it herself. Other times, I’d prompt her. Even though she was generally good at it, it was just a lot. I was kind of dreading day 2.

Day 2:

Started the morning off without clothes but quickly progressed. Decided to just go for it and put on underwear and shorts. I can’t remember this day 100% but I do know she had very few accidents. We went over in the early evening to her Mimi’s house for a big birthday party for a family member.  Lamb did really well. She went pee TWICE at her Mimi’s house and had no accidents.

Poop. She pooped in her diaper after nap and I just allowed that because, we’re struggling right now and I can’t expect her to try to get some horrible hard giant poo out while sitting.

Naps and sleep. Still diapers/pull-ups. She did request before sleep to use the potty (while wearing a diaper), so we took it off so she could use it. I was impressed!

Day 3:

Wow. Accident free day!!!! We made several car trips (15-20 minutes long), without any accidents. She stayed at my mom’s house for a few hours and self initiated going to the potty multiple times. Even once when they were outside she said “I’m go potty” and opened the door, ran inside, pulled down her shorts and got on the potty. I am so proud of her.

Poop. No poop today but I could tell she needed to go. It was complicated. I’ve been continuing to give her more miralax and am hoping that today (Day 4), she will go. She’s staying at her Mimi’s house all day instead of going to school, so I am crossing my fingers that she will go over there. I told Mimi just to put her in a diaper if need be. No need to have the drama right now. I am hoping that once things get smooth and regular, that we will have potty success with it. We still haven’t conquered the peeing in public places/restaurants yet. I am waiting a little while before we head that direction. That will be new territory for us.

Overall, I am so thrilled that she is going back to school this week (she’ll return on Wednesday) ready to be in underwear and shorts. I bought her all those cheesy Disney underwear, and she likes to sort through them and pick the ones out she wants to wear. As a woman without kids, I always hated all those character themed clothes. Now, I’m like, hey, you want Little Mermaid? You got it! You want Cinderella? Fine with me! Anything to get you to wear some clothes and be proud to be in them.

Funny though because this morning she didn’t want to wear anything but underwear and shoes. So she went to her Mimi’s house wearing just that! I’m sure Mimi was in for a surprise.

My heart feels really proud of my little girl. Sad that she’s growing up. Happy she’s doing so well. ❤


5 thoughts on “Kill’n It

  1. Yay, progress! For the constipation, can you get her to sit and read books with you while she is on the potty? It is actually easier physically to poop sitting than standing. For foods, also reduce constipating foods: rice, applesauce, bananas, all dairy, and grains in general can exacerbate it. I do prune juice for Wallace when I’m desparate. Prunes, pears, apple juice are all pro-pooping. If he is seeming constipated, I tell him he can’t have a banana until after he can poop, haha.

    • She won’t sit for pooping =( She likes to lean over on something, like the coffee table. Often she likes to be on the floor in child’s pose or something like that. She really twists and turns and it’s awful. I think we are past the “prunes” point, though we are trying it all. Our problem is dairy. She is SOOO attached to her “ba ba” (bottle of milk). It’s like her one comfort in life and she requests it at least 3 times per day (more if we are home on the weekends). I always cut it with water, so mix in like 3 oz water, 5-6oz whole milk, and often add probiotics in to it as well. The mac ‘n cheese isn’t helping either. Yesterday for dinner I made her chicken meatballs slathered in ketchup, mixed veggies (peas/corn/carrots), orange slices, and yogurt. She only wanted a bottle of milk and took like 2 bites of the oranges and 1 bite of the yogurt.
      She’s SUCH a picky eater!

      I will update you on how things are “going”

      • Hmm, can you switch her to a dairy free milk by slowly transitioning the percentages of it? Dairy is such a big constipator. I have known a lot of kids who try to rely on just cow’s milk for nutrition and then refuse food. It is hard! And so is their poop… For breastfeeding, I limit to after breakfast, before nap (after lunch), and before bed. You could try something like that and explain to her it is only for certain times (no it won’t go over well at first). Also have her sit or lie down with it and not walk around if she does that. Wallace had really bad constipation when we started solids and his low muscle tone probably contributed too. Then I added grains and dairy and it was a new struggle all over.

  2. robin says:

    Yay!!! Go Lamb!!! We are still struggling with poops for Apple, he holds it, I have been feeding them tons of stone fruit and melon and hoping that is keeping them soft. 50% of his poops are in his pants 😦 but today he made two poops on the toilet and that is a huge win!! It won’t be this way forever! Potty training is a process, I am coming to learn it is a longer process than I thought (5 weeks in) but still definitely seeing us move in the right direction! I have to keep changing up the rewards though, they get bored and don’t work for them… We went together to the store and bought some great stickers today, stickers are for poos in the toilet. Chocolate chips no longer are motivation enough for a poo lol.

    Anyway good luck!! Sounds like things are going great! Don’t freak out too much if you have a day where it seems like everything falls apart, just keep moving forward!

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