Where my kid should sleep

Still struggling with what to do transition wise about crib/toddler bed/big bed.

Last night Lamb woke me up at 11:45pm telling me she had to go potty. Great, so I take her to the potty and she pees. What does this mean? That she might be ready to start going to the potty at night and getting “night trained.” I did not expect this.

Problem: She is still in her crib. Her crib DOES NOT come with a conversion kit. You just take off the front of the crib apparently to make it like a daybed but my daughter is big and she’ll fall out of it.
Option 1: Ask my husband to like buy some wood and nail a “rail” on to the front of the crib.
Option 2: Buy her a cheap Sofia the First/Disney toddler bed which my child will probably go bananas in love for
Option 3: There is already a full size daybed in her room. Buy her new bedding that hopefully will excite her and make her think the bed is hers (she calls it “mommy’s bed” right now). Also get her a step stool so she can get up and down from the bed. Getting up is a struggle.



Well all the stuff we were giving her to make her poop definitely worked, too well. Poop was coming out way too fast and she’s had 2 poop accidents the last 2 evenings. Other than that, she’s still 100% accident free and doing well.


3 thoughts on “Where my kid should sleep

  1. I had a bed rail set from when Wallace was little and slept only in my bed. I put one side of that on his open sided crib. If you have a rail for the big bed in her room, you could ask her if she wants to try it for a night. Yay on the potty training! We have had two pee accidents in three days with no daytime diapers.

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