The Big Girl Bed Flop

So, the solution I chose was to turn her crib into a daybed. You just take the front railing off and boom, toddler daybed. I figured we could get some railings or something for the side if needed. So, her grandma, Lamb, and I all head over to BabiesRUs to let Lamb pick out the bedding of her dreams. (She went with “Mermaid” by the way, which is no surprise to me as that’s all she wants to see these days). We walked all through the store and looked at everything. She only wanted her Little Mermaid bedding. Well that and one of those walking toy “poppers” that kids learning to walk use? Yeah, she walked around the entire store pushing that thing as it POP POP POPOPPOPOPed. You could tell where we were in the store because it practically sounded like gunfire. Her grandma of course purchased the popper for Lamb too. Baby toys are always the  best.
So we got home, Adam had already removed the side of the crib rail. We put her mermaid comforter on it and Lamb was SUPER thrilled. She jumped on the bed. She squealed with delight. She was having THE best day.


Until 20 minutes later, when it was nap time.

The dark cloud that is toddler madness arrived. The storm clouds of “I hate change” rained down on us. Lamb was having NONE of this new bed. NONE. She screamed. She cried (and cried, and cried, and cried). I couldn’t soothe her. She wouldn’t lay in the bed. She wanted nothing to do with it. She requested her baby bed. After 2 hours. TWO HOURS of refusal to nap I begged Adam to put the crib back together again. *sigh* Then she happily napped. And I was worn out.

Lamb likes her routine. She doesn’t like change that much I suppose. She likes the comfort and safety of her crib. She’s clearly attached to it (just like she’s attached to her lovie and her baby bottles of milk). Oh well. Too much too soon. I suppose one day we’ll just be making the switch to putting her in the adult sized bed in her room. She just needs to be able to get up and down from it a little bit easier. I think I will try the bed rails on it sometime soon though.

Funny enough, she continued to call her crib her “Big Girl Bed” later when a friend came over. “Look at my big girl bed” (I guess because she had an Little Mermaid blanket in her crib).

Yeah. It’s not the worst thing in the world to have your kid in the crib. I mean ,it’s nice. She’s still stuck in there. I suppose she could climb out if she really wanted to. One day she’ll be big and I’ll wish she could just be in that crib. I’m never going to push her to grow up faster than she’s ready. And if she needs to take her crib to college with her, so be it.

As far as night time potty training, well she’s still waking up sometimes to go potty. And, we just gotta take her. So much for getting full nights sleep. That didn’t last long enough!

3 thoughts on “The Big Girl Bed Flop

  1. The only reason I took the front rail off Wallace’s bed was because I am too short to read in and lay him down asleep. The bedrail is so much lower for me. Sucks that it didn’t work. Chances are she would have rolled herself out in her sleep and still needed help to go potty at night.

  2. robin says:

    I see why you’d want her to be able to go to the potty by herself at night but keeping the crib is a blessing in other ways. Once we switched to beds we basically kissed our naps good-bye. I’ve given up completely on trying for naps and they are such disasters in the evening, but if I put them in for a nap they are 95% guaranteed not to sleep and it’s a waste of energy for me. No naps any day … lately I have been falling asleep on the couch sitting up while they watch a movie in the afternoon because I am SO EXHAUSTED.

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