Updates of sorts

Lamb is doing awesome in her big girl Ariel bed. She usually wakes up 1-2 times at night to pee (I still have to help her). From what I can tell, she’s been waking up with a dry pull up most nights. I am considering letting her sleep without a pull up because it’s easier for her to get her pjs up and down by herself, but the struggles with the pull-up. I think the step to making her more independent for going potty at night will be making it so she can do it all herself! We’ll see. I am in no rush to be changing bed sheets at night.

Adam’s sister is pregnant and due in October. Early on they found out she kind of has like placenta previa but not just that but some kind of like short umbilical cord or like the positioning of the umbilical cord is such that if the placenta migrates upwards, it could be bad. So, anyway they expected the baby could be either born early or born small. Well she had an ultrasound at 31 weeks and the baby was measuring very small, less than the fifth percentile. She has another ultrasound next week. Anyone have experience or know anyone who had anything like this?

I know measurements can be off and all, but I feel like ultrasound measurements are generally pretty accurate. Well, she’s clearly freaking out, and her husband (“uncle douchebag”) is really freaking out, because he has OCPD. That’s Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder. I diagnosed him 🙂 No one knows. But seriously, he really does. I’m not even being like exaggerating. It’s kind of sad. Guy is ridiculous. Anyway she said he’s being very negative and insensitive. She wouldn’t say more, but  her mom told me “he doesn’t think she is eating enough.” which to me means, he’s probably blaming her. And he’s one of those super overly-cautious people. You know, like I actually witnessed him get a wet paper towel and wipe off his 1 year old’s hair when a bubble landed on it. Like, it was too much for him to stand. And anytime the kid got bubble solution on his hands, he’d take him inside immediately to wash them because, “he might get it in his mouth or touch his eyes.” Yeah.

So, having a baby with potential health issues does not sit well with him. Here’s hoping she turns out well. I think she’ll be born early and probably spend some time in the NICU. Hoping they can fatten her up there.


One thought on “Updates of sorts

  1. Oh wow to the bubble solution. That’s pretty neurotic. Way to pass that onto your kid… It’s sad he is blaming her. I hope the pregnancy can go as long as is safe for both of them and the delivery is good.

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