I know why people cry….

You know on television, whenever someone wins money or gets some gift of money or something paid for, they cry? I mean, I understand the concept of crying from happiness and all that, but I just never personally experienced crying from money. I’ve been extremely fortunate and grateful my whole life to be well taken care of and have parents who have always been able to support me.

As you might have read in my last post, my husband was laid off from his job and is now on the hunt for a new one. JUST before this happened, I was going to drop my hours at work to 30 hours a week because that seemed reasonable for us. But then this happened and I was like, nope. Even though I make a whole lot less than my husband, a 25% reduction in salary during times of uncertainty was just not going to go well.

I was pretty upset because I have been wanting to a) have more time in general and b) start pursuing either private practice or hobby photography. Speaking of hobby photography, I actually launched a maternity and children’s photos photography business. I have been taking lots of pictures from friends and family. Anyway, one of the faculty members at work found out about it, saw my website, and booked a session. And, then I advertised on a local parenting facebook group for my neighborhood that I was trying to build up my portfolio and would be doing mini sessions (25 minutes long, they get 5-7 images) for $50, over 30 people responded interested. I was blow away by the amount of interest, but how could I find the time??????

Well yesterday afternoon I call my mother to tell her how excited I am about all the potential success. She then tells me that my aunt has finally distributed all the money from my grandparent’s inheritance (my grandma died last year). My mom wants to give me and my siblings each a chunk of change from the inheritance to do something meaningful with, like for me, she wanted me to use it to start up my business and go part time at work.

I teared up you guys. When I got off the phone I started crying. I felt so grateful. Blown away. Unexpected. Like I had been saved. Like a hand was pulling me out of the water and showing me a path. A clearing through a tangled messy forest. I wanted to scream with happiness. Like this was just the break I needed, happening at just the right time.

My mom of course wants me to pursue private practice, which I want too. But that is much more complicated than photography. So I think I will get past the holidays with the photography (so many sessions booked!) and then things will probably slow down in the New Year and I will start figuring out private practice stuff.

Today I am going into my boss’s office and telling her that I am cutting down to 30 hours a week!!!!!!!!!!!!! Of course… there will be a lot of red tape involved so not sure how fast they will make that happen. Please please please make it be fast.

I’m exhausted. My kid hasn’t been sleeping. She’s been up til 1am unable to fall asleep herself for like the past week. Some nights have been a little better than others. I wonder if teeth are bothering her. But last night she pretty much didn’t fall asleep until 1am. She told me at 11:30 that her tummy hurt. I had my husband go out and buy gas drops. I have no idea what’s going on, this is unusual. I also wonder if 2 year molars are on the horizon.

In other news, we’re headed to NYC tomorrow for 2 nights. I was joking about how all I wanted to do was sleep in my hotel there (we have a wedding to go to), but now I think I’m serious about that.

Well, thinking about all of you and wishing each of you could get your own “big break” in whatever terms that means for you.


One thought on “I know why people cry….

  1. That’s really great news, I’m so glad that it’s working out so well and you can really focus a bit on your photography business! Goodluck with everything! I know I haven’t commented a lot, i’ve been following but it’s only possible for me to comment on the computer and I’ve been on my phone mostly on maternity leave 🙂

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