The Eagle has Left the Nest

Well yesterday I saw my OBGYN and removed the Mirena. (ouch  btw, ouch. Those friggin cramps afterward were horrible for an hour and pain radiating down my leg… but I went to Jazzercise and that made everything feel better). I feel fine today, though I’ve read about a possible hormone crash so I am bracing myself.

I talked to my doc about my fears about having a c-section. He said there’s a 60% chance I would have another, meaning, he’s clearly open to a VBAC. I know I’m getting way ahead of myself, but if I end up getting pregnant then I think I would still schedule a c-section close to my due date, but if I go into labor sooner try a VBAC? I don’t really want another 42 week long pregnancy ending in a 26 hour labor and then a c-section. That was awful.

He also said they could put me completely out during the c-section or give me a sedative to help me. I’m hoping to have to do neither because, those side effects are awful. He said they would be doing a spinal block, which is better than the epidural.

Aside from that, it’s weird talking to my husband and him  being so comfortable about having a second. I mean, there doesn’t seem like there is so much hesitation in his voice. I think I feel more hesitant, but talking about it out loud makes it easier for me to conceptualize something that seems like SUCH A A STUPID IDEA. hah

I have really been enjoying sleeping through the night and feeling good. Oh, and on that note, Lamb is back in pull-ups for night time. A few weeks ago she just started wetting the bed like 2 times a night. Previously, she would wake up to pee but she started sleeping harder I guess and just not even knowing she was doing it. So, back into pull-ups she went because changing the bed and her clothes 1-2 times every night was upsetting her (And us). She’s only 2.5 now so I’m not really concerned. She has absolutely zero daytime accidents. She still wakes up maybe 1 time a night (sometimes zero) to use the potty. It is making life much easier. Adam is taking the monitor at night now when he is working downstairs, and I get a full night’s sleep with zero interruptions.

I’ve been doing part time photography on the side now, which is keeping me ridiculously busy. In fact, I have scheduled 18 mini sessions in November/December. I edit photos with every free second that I get. I am looking forward to the holidays  being over, but I am also excited for a business that seems to be doing really well. I just need to charge more 🙂

So, back to the whole Mirena thing. I’m curious when I’ll get a period and curious how things will go after that. Part of me wants to start trying right away (i mean, not immediately, but after my first cycle), and then the other part of me wants to wait until April to try because…. a) going through the holidays with a newborn?! UGH~!!!!!!!!!! and b) going through the holidays looking like crap because I just had a baby?! UGH!! I’d much rather be giant and pregnant through next Christmas and give birth in January….. but that means waiting, possibly, or getting started early to increase our chances of conceiving in April… heck. There goes the whole “plan it all out in your head” anxiety that really just needs to stop.

Anyway, I’ll report back on the after affects of removing the Mirena. *shudder* it was just not a fun removal. I mean, it was fast but having that speculum put in and dilated and then pulling the thing out was just, bleh. I didn’t enjoy it when they put it in either. I guess the 2.5 years in between was nice… not having to pay for tampons, or birth control pills, and having no periods. I enjoyed that part of it.  Not looking forward to my Aunt Flow.







One thought on “The Eagle has Left the Nest

  1. robin says:

    I had a scheduled C and hoped for a VBAC to happen before the date. My OB felt funny doing this but it made me feel better to have that date in mind. I never went into labor, it turned out to be a good thing anyway, and had my c-section on my scheduled day with no contractions.

    It’s great you are getting a full night’s sleep …..!!!!

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