Mirena withdrawal

I was curious as to any side effects I might experience after removing the IUD. I had some light bleeding this morning and some this evening. Today I got that sudden dizzy headache that I usually get right before my period starts. I’ve also been craving chocolate like, insane (even more than typical), and last night I went out and bought a bottle of Bailey’s because…mmmmmmm.

During Jazzercise this evening I had a sudden bout of complete and total exhaustion. Like, I almost wanted to walk out of class. It was more than just, wow this is  a tough work out. This was like, ugh, my arms feel limp. I just don’t even know if I can do the slightest movement right now. I completed the class and all, but it was hard. I started thinking, dear lord, is this how it feels when you are 50? 60? 70? So hard to do anything? There are so many women in my class between the age of 50 and 70, and I had a huge new found respect for them. hah

Finally I read on the Mirena website how it all works, as far as pregnancy prevention and it all started to make sense. It supposedly thickens your cervical mucus and keeps you from building up any uterine lining. But it doesn’t stop ovulation. This would all make 100% complete sense to me since a) I haven’t had a period in the last 2.5 years. b) I still got cerivcal mucus like my typical ovluation clockwork (every 5-6 weeks), and it was super thick and crazy and like, more mucus than I had ever seen in my life except it WAS thick and jelly like and wow. ANYWAY. It’s all making sense now, and I’m hopeful that since it never interrupted ovulation, that things will just continue on as normal and this year I’ll be able to get pregnant. Holy shit am I really writing those words? clearly I need to go back and read my blog from the first year after having a baby……….  it’s like you know what you are writing is insane. Like, I see the insanity and part of me is like WHAT ARE YOU EVEN SAYING YOU CRAZY WOMAN STOP IT YOU KNOW HOW BAD IT WAS AND HOW DEPRESSED YOU WERE AND TIRED AND YOU DIDN’T SLEEP FOR AN ENTIRE YEAR. AND YOU HATED EVERYTHING AND YOU ARE GOING TO HATE IT AGAIN EXCEPT THIS TIME IT’S GOING TO BE WORSE BECAUSE YOU WILL HAVE TWO KIDS AND YOU CAN NEVER GO BACK AND WHY WHY WHY RUIN A GOOD THING


but that weird hormonal la de da part of me is like, ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh it will be hard, yes of course, but it’s worth it, you’ll never actually regret having a second kid. A 7th perhaps, yes, but a 2nd? you will be glad you went through the hard stuff in the end.


And I realize that as I write this I am a) assuming that I will get pregnant and things will go well, and b) totally grateful that I have the gift to make that decision as I know so many people out there who have to move mountains in order to get pregnant or birth a child. And so, it seems petty in my eyes to be complaining about the pros and cons of having a second. So ,there’s my apology there.


And there’s this whole thing about having to actually HAVE sex on a regular basis to have a kid….   that small speed bump…

2 thoughts on “Mirena withdrawal

  1. My two years of chronic pain and fatigue sounds about like what you experienced during your workout. Or when I was horribly sick and couldn’t even walk across the room but no one couldn’t figure out that I have Celiac Disease. That is good you don’t feel like that typically. I thought it was part of being a parent for a long time.

    From here it seems like your relationship is the least stable part of the baby making and raising equation. I hope I’m just reading more into than there actually is, and of course people have raised children in less cohesive relationships. I totally get the baby fever hitting despite logic but for now I have to wait three years to have another.

    • YUCK!! That sucks so bad that you felt that way for YEARS. I can’t even imagine! My friend who ended up finding out she was hypothyroid had similar problems, just feeling really bad all the time. I’m so glad you found a fix.
      Our relationship isn’t bad, it’s just not my idealistic view of a relationship perhaps? We work well together. We are on the same page about most things. We never fight, but we are more like friends? I guess the romantic side of things just sort of fell by the wayside? Though, strangely I laughed because last night we actually were intimate, even though in no way would that interaction have actually led to a baby seeing as where I am in my cycle. Sometimes I think you just get in bad habits, and we have. I mean, there is definitely more under the surfance, I guess with me always wondering the state of his mental health and our future being kind of unknown. At any point in time he could decide his gender dysphoria is so severe that he wants to just completely go 100% and live life as a woman. That could happen. And he can’t ever really say IF or WHEN that will happen. So, I live in constant anxiety about that.

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