Living it up

So it’s only been 17 days since my IUD removal. I still haven’t gotten a period yet, but that’s not really weird to me considering my normal cycles are 40 days long. I can’t tell if my libido has increased because of the iud removal, or because of other factors. Probably a combination of both. But I can say we are having awesome sex when before we were well, not having any.

Other factors they may be contributing to this:

Adam has been taking the monitor at night so that when Lamb wakes up, he handles all the wake ups (since he’s ALREADY AWAKE downstairs working). Generally she only wakes up 1x a night to pee, but she has been sick for a few weeks with cold/ear infection, and he’s handled a majority of those wake ups. I am getting so much sleep these days that I don’t know what to do with myself. I have energy and happiness and I’m not so irritable.

Because I moved my hours to only 30 hours a week and I take Lamb to daycare every morning, Adam is able to sleep during the times that his body prefers to be asleep (5am-10am).

We’re trying to do more, as a family. Yesterday Adam suggested after he got home from running that we all go out and look at Christmas lights (because, YES! I LOVE THAT!, and Lamb had been asking to). We decided to get her some ice cream on the way too. Lamb was super happy which you know, makes us happy. And in general I’m happy, it’s holiday season. That just makes me happy. Doing more fun things makes us feel more connected which makes me feel more loving toward my husband which leads to more intimacy.

I’d like to say it’s also because we know that it might lead to a baby (sort of like a goal), but that’s NOT it, because we’re using protection right now because I really don’t want to get pregnant until at least February/March. One of my best friends got engaged, and her wedding is at the end of October and she wants me to be a bridesmaid. She also lives in another state . And, she just found out (last week) that her dad has stomach/esophageal cancer. So…  ugh yeah.

Additionally, because things are going so well right now, I really want to live it up. I want to enjoy this intimacy, the fun, etc. I’m not in a rush to just throw it all away by having another baby =P there goes 2 more years of hell after that. Of course I’m talking like it’s going to be super easy to get pregnant again and that it will just happen the first month etc, when statistics say that is unlikely.

I’d really like to try to get some additional date nights in, go out to eat, drink some wine (me only since Adam doesn’t drink), see a movie.. etc. Live up life while life is easy to live you know? Multiple kids seriously complicates things.

Anyway, just thought I’d share the good news.


One thought on “Living it up

  1. Fabulous news! I’m so glad your libido is back and being satisfied! I bet the hormones in the IUD were putting a damper on it. Any sort of birth control hormone junk will do that. Live it up, girl! And drink some wine for meeeee!!!

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