Day 28

So, it’s been 28 days since I had the Mirena taken out. Still no aunt flow showing up. Not too concerned though since my cycles are usually 40 + days long. I am hoping that this pimple on my chin and my insane craving for chocolate and general malaise is a sign that maybe aunty flow will show up. Though, so not looking forward to it. I know for anyone actually struggling with having a normal period would be so happy to have aunt flow show up, so I can’t complain too much. But I have enjoyed a red free last 2.5 years, or almost more if you consider my time during pregnancy.

I guess me being the planner that I am, I’m just wanting to start figuring out when things might possibly be happening. And that won’t happen until the “reset button” occurs.

We had a wonderful, though exhausting, Christmas holiday. 5 family celebrations that went Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. But Friday I had a headache and just wanted to pass out. Lamb enjoyed all the fun but she is definitely partied out. We had to go to my nephew’s birthday yesterday and she started crying in the car when we got there saying “I want to go home, I want to go home.” I think we’ve just been around too many people. I felt the same way. I wanted to go home.

I’m only working 2 half days this week so I’m planning lots of fun activities to do with Lamb. And then on New Years day I drive to another city to see one of my best friend’s and her 4 month old kid who I haven’t met yet. And that means a hotel night ALL TO MYSELF. I am kind of stoked about that.

Also on the horizon is a trip to… DIzNEYWORLD. It’s kind of happening totally last minute. We were going to head to LA to see one of my other best friends, but we ended up deciding that if we were going to do Disney, we’d do it proper. I’d go visit my friend by myself another time, rather than dragging my husband with me.

Dizneyworld is like one of my favorite places ever, minus the $$$. We are going to go during the week, a Mon-Friday so hopefully the crowds will be light. I’m also hoping Lamb will do well on the rides and not freak out, because that would really really  put a damper on things if she’s cared of It’s a small world… hahahah. Fingers crossed. I’m thinking 4 nights.  We found super cheap flights. SUPER CHEAP FLIGHTS. Like, $75 round trip flights. Merry Christmas to me.

I’m super excited because this would be our family vacation and we haven’t really taken one. We had to go to Belize last year for a family wedding and that was just an expensive disaster. This would be one were Lamb would actually enjoy, and hopefully ALL of us would enjoy. I know I know, she won’t remember it, but she won’t remember ANY family vacation we go on so why not at least do something that I really want to do and she would like too? We’re making it happen! I also love that it’s so last minute because that means we don’t have to wait long! woohoo!



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