Fashion Friday

I’ve never been a particularly stylish person. Not like non stylish but in general trends are something I’ve never cared about. I’m usually very late to them. Very very very late. I’ve been wearing boot cut pants for years and years and years. I know that straight leg and tighter pants have been in for a long time now, but I’ve always resisted because I am bigger around the waist and bust (proportionally anyway) and so I always thought boot cut pants balanced me out better.

Well now that we’re going to Disneyworld I wanted to ATTEMPT to look somewhat stylish while still wearing comfortable shoes. The only sneakers I have are actual athletic shoes, so I decided to look into like the Vans/Keds kind of style. After looking into those I realize that you need pants that show off your shoes…. NOT boot cut pants.

So I went on a mission yesterday. I went to JC Penny because they have good deals and I wouldn’t feel so bad about purchasing some things. I also knew they made comfortable jeans (Lee brand) because I recently had bought some boot cut style there.

Usually when I see the words “skinny” on a pant, I run for the hills. RUN RUN RUN. But I said, let’s give them a go. I bought “Lee Comfort Style skinny jeans.” They are like, all spandex practically. SO comfortable. I then bought some PULL ON maroon pants. Yes pull on pants. But they are tight. Super tight. Not my style. But with some flowy shirts, I was rock’n it. I was quite happy. Now I feel good. I like trying something new and not looking like a total mom all the time. I’m excited to look cute but also be comfortable.

Sometimes I just want to be the mom who just looks generally nice most of the time. Even when at home (errr… that’s probably never going to happen). My mom was that way though. Like she never doesn’t have on decent looking clothes. I’ve NEVER seen her in a “slop” outfit or anything. She is always put together. This is not to say that I think people should be like that. I think you should wear what you want and wear what makes you feel good.

So anyway, I bought the jeans and bought the tight maroon/plumb pants and a few blouses and I ordered some navy keds with tiny whtie polkadots off amazon for like $18. So when I got home and expressed to my spouse that I was finally joining in on the trend of tight pants, he said yeah just in time for boot cut to come back into style. hahahahah

In other news, I’ve been feeling very loving toward my husband recently. I don’t know what that’s about (maybe all the sleep I am getting). Not that I wasn’t loving toward him, but I just feel particularly affectionate toward him and try to constantly express that to him both verbally and physically. Maybe when I feel better about myself too I also feel better towards other people.

Anyway, thanks for letting me flaunt =P


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