This early?

So, I don’t really have too many people to talk in detail to about my cycle so I’m blogging about it. Not too many people in real life really want to hear about egg white cervical mucus. lol. But it’s all big news to me since it’s the first cycle off the Mirena. It’s cycle day 14 right now and I am having egg white CM like crazy. I am just kind of stunned, wondering, is this like, ovulation cm? on day 14?? seriously? I usually ovulate on day 30 so this is like, insane if it is what it really is. But I have no real way of knowing until I get my period since I’m not testing and stuff. And, the part of me that enjoys a “goal” is kind of sad that I’m waiting until April to start trying to  conceive. There’s something crazy that gets activated in my head about GREEN LIGHT THIS COULD GET YOU PREGNANT GO GO GO but I have to be like NO NO NO. No babies can be born until at least next December. And truly, it’d be best to wait until January. So, now I just monitor and observe. Only 4 more months…. seems like eternity but I know it’s not.

Of course whenever Lamb is trouble to get to sleep or wakes up in the night, or wakes up super early, or is TOUCHING ME CONSTANTLY and I am like I JUST NEED TO NOT BE TOUCHED FOR LIKE TWO HOURS I think to myself, what the hell is your problem?! Why would you ever want a second kid? You really want to make your life that much more difficult?!? And have to deal with life with a toddler for 9 months WITHOUT WINE?! NEVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just don’t know how that would be possible. Oh well. We’ll see how long this cycle lasts. Stay tuned. I know you’re really on a cliff hanger wanting to know when I’ll get my period. This is all so very important to you.

Thanks for letting me blab, blog about it.


4 thoughts on “This early?

  1. My period is different now than it was before I got pregnant. It took it a bit to even out but that was because I was breastfeeding at the time. I highly recommend you start tracking with OPKs and an site like fertility friend even before the month you plan to start trying.

  2. robin says:

    Ahh! That would be exciting! I ovulated a few times in the year before trying for #3, very exciting. Didn’t get pregnant but still 🙂

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