Evening Gettaway

I’m just feeling super excited to be celebrating our 8th anniversary. Okay it’s not for a few more days, but Adam is about to go skiing with his best friend, and leave me alone with Lamb for about a week.

Tonight we’re going to this amazing new luxury movie theater with seats that recline all the way, blankets, margaritas and food and all the things yummy. We received a $75 gift card to this movie theater at Christmas, and sadly the tickets alone are almost $60!!! This is a TREAT night! We’re going to see Zoolander 2. It’s going to be stupid as Hell but I love it. I can’t wait. And afterward I hope we head over to this restaurant with the BEST apple pie in the entire world. We’ll pick Lamb up from her grandma’s around 9pm and head home.

This mini retreat sounds so incredibly amazing. I’ve been counting down the hours all day. I can’t wait to doll myself up and feel a smidge like my pre-kid self again.


CD26 to CD1

Wow. 26 day cycle. That’s nuts. Never in my wildest dreams would I imagine that. Going from a 40-45 day cycle to 28 days or less?! That’s good news for baby making. I can try more often vs having to wait 1.5 months in between.

Anyway. Still waiting until April. I’ve got to. My friend and her wedding is extremely extremely important to me.

I’m still unsure of everything in the future. Everything that involves change is always involving effort. Lots of it.

My friend has started up her private practice (therapy) and wants me to join in at some point. That’s awesome. I just don’t know how much time I can dedicate to what she wants to build while caring for (hopefully) 2 small children. Her child is 13. He’s getting to that independent state. I’m just starting. And it so much depends on my husband’s job status as well. We need my insurance benefits. It would cost us an arm and a leg without them. My company has killer insurance. That’s not a good enough reason for staying in a job but it is for now.

Oh well. Nothing really new to report. Just rambling as usual.


I’m feeling ready for #2. Today I was cleaning out Lamb’s closet (the mountains and mountains of clothes, 99% of the bought by my MIL). I’m so ready to know if I’m having a girl or a boy so I can either KEEP or sell/give away/donate the clothes. Not to mention all the baby crap. I’m ready. I’m ready to not be storing it all because I’m waiting. I AM SO READY.

Except for that whole….. I am a bridesmaid in my best friend’s wedding in the end of October in Virginia and I live in Texas kind of thing……… ¬†and if I actually got pregnant in March that would mean a early December baby. And they may not even let me fly. So. So. So. *sigh*

but then the other part of me is like, but what if I have a miscarriage, what if something happens……….

here I go again, trying to “plan” for something out of my control.

Adam seems on board. He does. I’m just ready to stop waiting and start the active clock you know……….

I know Lamb would be a killer big sister. She’s a pretty amazing kid. Gentle. Hilarious. Loving. Helpful. Respectful. Playful and silly. Inquisitive. She would nail it. Though I know it would also be sad for her. Very sad for her. She is very very very very very *very* attached to me and I know she would have a hard time letting me have some “alone time” with this hypothetical baby.

In the the meantime, I’m finishing off this botabox…….