Nothing interesting to say

I’m really digging these 27 day cycles. It’s totally insane for me. I’m used to 45 day cycles and having to wait AN ENTIRE MONTH from starting a period to actually ovulating. This is like crazy with cycles just whizzing by me so quick… I’m like, whoah, seriously, already on CD 12 and ovulating?! CRAZY TOWN

So I guess next week we officially “Try” ?

Every time I wake up in the night to help Lamb go potty I am like UGHHHH I HATE GETTING UP and I start freaking out about the sleep deprivation. I’ve got to have a better plan this time around, or at least a better sleeper. Something has to be different. I cannot go through an entire year like I did the first time as a complete and total zombie.

I suppose I have just said to myself, yep. It’s going to suck. It’s going to be SO BAD sometimes but one day that hypothetical child will sleep. For the most part anyway. I just really hate babies, and breastfeeding, and spit up, and diaper leaks, and crying.

But mostly I’m ready to get this over with and then be done and move on with life. Though at times I admit, I’d like to freeze it. Even though kids grow up and are more independent, life gets so much more complicated in other ways. Hurt feelings. Broken hearts. Sleep overs. Drugs. Danger. OIYE. Stay a toddler forever little one.


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