7 or 8 or 9 DPO

I don’t really know exactly when I ovulated. I didn’t temp this month but my got says last Saturday or Sunday, but possibly Monday. Yesterday I had mild to moderate cramping on and off all day. If I had been on  my period I would have taken advil to help. They were definitely “ouchy.” My back ached too. I mean, this was very very noticeable and like whoah.   I’m hoping this is a very good sign of implantation. They felt exactly as I remember cramping feeling during early pregnancy (although I don’t remember having implantation cramps last time around).I’ve NEVER gotten cramps like these before while not on my period, and even when on my period I rarely get cramps.

So now if it was implantation, I gotta hope that it sticks. And then develops right. And wow. So many hurdles. But hoping it will really be this easy.

I really want to test on Wednesday. But I also know if I do I need to prepare myself mentally because a) it could easily be negative because it would be too early  b) it could be positive but AF could still come next weekend if it ended in a chemical pregnancy.

I actually don’t even own any pregnancy tests and have been putting off buying them. We’ll see. Please pass quickly next few days.


2 thoughts on “7 or 8 or 9 DPO

  1. I had these for the first time in my last pregnancy at 7 DPO. I just knew what it meant, even though I hadn’t experienced it with my other pregnancies. And sure enough….

    • Thanks 🙂 Yes I totally think it’s a symptom of pregnancy because otherwise totally abnormal for me. Also my boobs never get sore before my period and I can really feel them. The only thing I can imagine why my period would show up would be a chemical pregnancy.
      I just wish I knew how many DPO I am. I am going to guess Sunday was 7 but who really knows. I went to Walmart and bought 6 of those .88 cent tests…….. figured I would just test every day until my period comes (or doesn’t).

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