Ugh I HATE vertigo. I know there are some youtube videos with exercises showing how to get relief. It does seem to be hormonally related as I often get it a day  before my period shows up. But again, we are still 5-7 days out from my expected period. Other symptoms are sore boobs which  I never get.

I know I need to quit the caffeine. It’s just SO HARD with a toddler. I’ve already reduced the size of the cup of caffeine that I drink in the morning and have kept it to just that one cup. I think next week I will reduce it again to the smallest size my Keurig makes and then after that start going to half-caff. I love coffee so much. The trade off is worth it.

Anyway, it’s cycle day 22…. so T minus 4 days maybe?



7 thoughts on “Vertigo

  1. Work on adding in water and fruit. Dehydration can cause vertigo. The movement things only work for the vertigo caused by normal little crystalized things moving around in a not normal spot in your ear. It is so hard to symptom spot! I’m a tad jealous you get to ttc.

    • Thanks. I just filled up my cup with water this morning and brought strawberries and cherries today to work. Symptom spotting is crazy. I know I am of course hyper aware of everything right now. TTC is fun in the sense of it being a distraction from every day life and sort of this “goal” kind of thing. I like having short term goals. I am sorry to make you jealous.

      • I like symptom spotting with you! When is your period due? I have so many pregnant or just had a baby friends so I’m trying to stay positive for everyone. It doesn’t help that I just sorted through and boxed up all the baby stuff. I will get to do it again eventually!

      • I don’t 100% know when my period is due but my cycles have ranged 26-28 days with 1 32 day cycle but I think I ovulated between day 12-14 this month. It’s cycle day 23 right now. The last 3 days I have had ridiculous amounts of egg white fluid coming out which is crazzzy because I never have that at this point in my cycle. Also the boobs are tingling/burning which I also never get. Haven’t had cramps since Sunday which was probably 7dpo which would make sense for being the implantation cramps. Fingers crossed, and also fingers crossed this doesn’t end up as a chemical pregnancy

      • And also, going through baby clothes and stuff IS SO HARD. My mom even says she gets sad looking at old pictures sometimes, I guess knowing that that part of life is over, she’s getting older (67) and even though she has lots to look forward to, I mean realizing your own mortality is hard I suppose. I feel that way when looking at baby clothes or thinking “this is the last baby” and this phase of my life will be gone.

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