AF on the way

Feeling so blah. Every pregnancy test has been negative, including one this morning. It’s cycle day 28. Most of my cycles have been 26 days long, except for last cycle which was 32 days long. But weird to me because all of my egg white CM was coming on day 10/11/12 vs last month when it was a 32 day long cycle the CM was on day 14/15/16…. so what gives? When did I ovulate? WHY was I not just doing temping like I should have been?

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. A) this is month 1  B) when I got pregnant with my daughter, my cycles were 45 days long. I didn’t even OVULATE until day 32/33….   I can’t believe I had to wait longer than one of my now normal cycles in order to just ovulate. *shudder*

Fertility friend says my period should come tomorrow (even though I’ve only been imputing my menses and CM into it for the past few months).

December – 28 day cycle  – EWCM on days 13/14

January – 26 day cycle – EWCM on days 11/12/13/14

February – 26 day cycle (forgot to record EWCM)

March – 32 day cycle  (EWCM on days 13/14/15/16)

I guess FF will be right and AF will come tomorrow. I hope she hurries up so I can get on the bandwagon. This month I’ll be ordering a basal thermometer, OPKs, and the works =P

I am ready for a margarita. A damn good one too.


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