Nothing going on

So boring just waiting for a period to show up. I am kicking myself for not realizing that the cramping on cd 20 was ovulation cramping followed by 2 days of EWCM and not just forcing my husband to get in the sack to cover our bases. I just really thought it was implantation. Nothing in my last 5 cycles has been like this. ARGH. It’s one thing to try and then it just doesn’t work, it’s another thing when you miss the boat completely. Now just walking around annoyed. Annoyed that my cycles might be getting longer too.

Anyone got tips for shortening cycles?

3 thoughts on “Nothing going on

    • the solution is ALWAYS have more sex!!! lol our schedules are so off and we are so god awful tired at 9pm at night that it takes so much effort. And my hubs wants it to be a “game of chance” thing rather than a “hey, have to do it now.” So…… yeah, we’ll see what happens next month! But you are totally right, we are absolutely blessed that it’s not an expense to have sex. We have no “restrictions” placed on us except for our own selves. Nothing like having to get a donor. I can’t imagine!!

      • I think the pressure would be less on both of you if you just tried to increase the sex. Is that what he means by game of chance? You should have lots of little marks for sex on your chart!

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