It’s been awhile since Lamb was really sick. Over Memorial day weekend we spent the time with her cousins, who got sick. I knew sickness was coming. On Friday Lamb came down the fever in the evening, and it’s Monday and she still has it. She has runny nose and cough. On Saturday evening her fever got up to 104.5 and then Sunday afternoon it was back up to 104.7. Poor kid. Amazingly she’s eating Popsicles and watching tv and asking me to take her to the park… with a 104.7 fever. Crazy. I guess she is as tired of being home as I am!!! Losing my mind.

This morning I got in my car and was headed to work, Lamb was still asleep. She apparently woke up and my husband texted me saying she was freaking out. She wanted mommy. She was coughing and sobbing and refusing to let him touch her. So I had to turn around and go back home and found her in the bed, very upset, poor girl barking like a seal with that cough. Once she calmed down she was better, not so much coughing as much. We snuggled for awhile and eventually she was okay with me leaving for work. I hoping she will be well enough to go to the store with me at least so she can get out. She seemed better this morning, low fever or perhaps fever free.

Anyway it’s been sad with her so sick. Her cousins were tested for strep, flu, etc, All negative. Doctor thinks it is probably the Adenovirus. I would agree with that assessment.

With all this sickness I’ve been so overwhelmed and sleep deprived taking care of her I have been forgetting to temp, take opks etc… hopefully can get that back on track this week.


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