Now I have the fever

After 8 days of Lamb being sick. EIGHT DAYS STRAIGHT (yes we took her to the doctor on day 7) … all viral. Snot, coughing, high fever… it was awful. None of us were getting sleep and I was staying home with her and we were about to kill each other. Being in quarantine for that long will drive you insane. I was getting up multiple times a night with her, so my morning temps were all over the place.

And then, on Thursday evening I came down withe fever, the coughing, the running nose. And every afternoon since then I get fever and I am a nasty upper respiratory mess.  So I have no freaking clue. NO clue. Did I ovluate? Maybe? Have we been having sex? Absolutely not. I guess this cycle is a bust and on Wednesday I leave for Seattle.

I feel confused and defeated. I was SO confident in my body’s cycles leading up to all of this and now it’s all out the window and I just feel lost. Need to regroup, AGAIN.


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