For the first time in forever

(that Frozen song is always in my head!!!). Hah. So for the first time in forever, actually ever, I got a positive OPK test. I had used them when I was trying to get pregnant with my first kid but I gave up after like day 25  (I ovulated on day 33 with that cycle anyway). So anyway this time around I bought some internet cheapies and even though days 11-14 this cycle I was egg white mucus overload (and we did the deed) I still had stark white OPKs. I started fearing I was doing them wrong. And everywhere you read it says don’t drink water before, hold your pee for 4 hours…. and I just, I couldn’t do that. I’d always forget. It’s hot as hell and I should be drinking a TON of water. So I just kept failing at it. I was worried I was missing it or getting false negatives. Anyway I have kept on and low and behold, on CD 18 I get my positive (or almost positive) OPK. I couldn’t even believe it. Fortunately, I also had EWCM going on too so it matched up and my temps have been low. Also, we managed to do the deed. Not sure how. We were both exhausted and it took my daughter forever to fall asleep so that was just a thank you universe moment. If my temps haven’t risen by tomorrow I’ll try to beg to get one more try out on Thursday. OPK was really strong positive this morning.

I’m a little worried about my luteal phase as last month it looked like I had maybe a 9 or 10 day luteal phase (according to my temps). I’m considering trying some supplements or maybe even a tad big of progesterone cream after I O for sure to try to extend it. When I got knocked up with my first kid, I had been doing acupuncture and all kinds of herbal supplements. I had also quit coffee and quit alcohol. This time…… I’m drinking coffee every morning and been having a beer several times a week. I’m not as “prepped” for this time around but I try to remind myself that there are people smoking heroine and crack that get knocked up.

Anyway, at least the big success for this month. Fingers crossed.


3 thoughts on “For the first time in forever

  1. robin says:

    9 or 10 days isn’t terrible, I think you need minimum 7? for most embryos to have time to implant. My luteal phase seems t be about 6-7 days with no supplements :(. Good luck!!!!

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