I feel the bern

Okay and unfortunately it’s not the bernie sanders kind =P I feel him too but, alas, no avail.

Anyway yesterday evening I started feeling that awful burning sensation and the need to pee, leading to more burning. DAMN IT. I haven’t had a true UTI in like 10 years. I laid down at like 10:45pm to go to sleep…. too damn uncomfortable. Made the decision to get up and go to the pharmacy and get the AZO. I used to keep that on hand but I just haven’t needed it. I took the AZO. Waited 30-45 minutes. It wasn’t helping enough. I was still so uncomfortable. I took an additional half dose. I also took two tylenol. I think I maybe fell asleep for 40 minutes but woke up in pain. Finally at 2am I had to just get in the bath and just lie there for over half an hour. I did eventually fall asleep. Made my way this morning to the urgent care place and THANKFULLY they diagnosed me with a UTI and prescribed me some antibiotics. I’m not an antibiotic lover. I haven’t taken any in years. Can’t actually remember the last time I took any a tall, but this is one of those scenarios where it’s like, I can’t function unless this thing clears up ASAP.

So, hoping these pills do some wonders. As much as I enjoy the tangerine orange pee from the AZO, I’d like to stop taking it.

In other news, I saw my very first private practice client yesterday! Woohoo!!! It went well. It’s a big deal. Kind of like breaking ground on a new house or something. Here’s to a successful future….


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