So here are are, 7DPO. Temps are looking nice and high. The one benefit of having a shorter luteal phase (10/11 days) is that it’s a pretty good sign if my period hasn’t come by 10/11 dpo, vs having to wait the full 14 days. But then there’s that whole egg may not have time to implant thing…. ahhh

Anyway, I was looking back at my charts from when I got pregnant with my daughter. (You know, obsessing over every past chart) and I remembered this moment when I was getting my hair cut and dyed at my hairdressers and I had this sudden wave of bad nausea. I was like “oh my god I think I am about to throw up” and she was like “maybe you are pregnant!” and I was like, umm unlikely. I remember it was really early on. So I looked back on my google calendar, and bam, it was at 7dpo. Funny too because I scheduled an appointment with this same hair dresser a few days ago, for today, at exactly 7dpo! So maybe getting my hair cut at 7dpo is a lucky charm 😉

Also this weekend I’m headed to my parent’s house in the hill country. One of my best friends is going to be up there with me, I’m taking her son’s 1 year old photos. Also my sister and her husband will be up there.

The thing is, we usually BOOZES IT UP there. My dad makes the best damn margaritas ever. And I usually request them. You get there and it is after noon, everyone is  like “hey, do you want a  beer?”

And don’t crucify me, but I’m not opposed to a couple beers during the two week wait, especially in the early part of it before the potentially fertilized egg has had a chance to implant. But Friday will be 9dpo. That’s a different boat. Too early to test. But don’t really want to be drinking margaritas. I may have to get clever and pretend to drink and secretly dump things down the sink. Ugh.

I don’t want to tell my family that I’m trying to get pregnant because a watched pot never boils. In fact, with my first pregnancy I actually didn’t even tell my family until I was 10 weeks, after we had heard the heartbeat on the doppler and the doctor had said the risk of miscarriage had gone down to like 1%. It wasn’t like I wouldn’t have told them if I had had a miscarriage, but I just didn’t want everyone to get there hopes up and be asking me all kinds of questions, getting all excited, only to end in disappointment.

This time will be different though. I think I’ll be bringing some pregnancy tests with me. I’ll test Saturday morning, 10dpo. That’s still quite early but hell, if I get anything, then I can at least say… hey mom… this is what’s going on. I had hoped that if I got pregnant I could wait until the 6 week u/s just to make sure everything was ok. But if this ends up being the scenario so be it.

I know, that’s all a bit obsessive. And may be obsessing for nothing. Because I’m also freaking out because my husband has been heavy into bicyling for the past few months. And I mean HEAVY into it. Like biking 5 days a week, sometimes going on 80 mile rides once a week. And it’s hot as hell. 106 degree heat index. Biking plus that can really kill off all the sperm. So my hopes aren’t high that he even had any viable sperm 😦

Will he quit biking? Probably not. Anyway, fingers crossed. Just less than a week and we will probably know.


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