10dpo nadda

so the good news is that as of yet AF hasn’t showed up. Which means that my luteal phase is hopefully at least 10 days long.

For the heck of it I tested this morning but got a BFN. Stark white negative. I know a lot of people don’t even test until 14dpo. But anyway I can’t help but feel discouraged. With my first pregnancy I got my BFP on 12dpo and that was the first day I had ever tested.

I have zero symptoms. I just feel like AF is going to show up tomorrow. And that depresses me for a lot of reasons. Mostly first world problem kind of reasons.

But if anything, if she shows up tomorrow then at the very least, my luteal phase is 10 days which is usually sufficient. Also if she shows up tomorrow then I am also out of luck bc I forgot to bring tampons to the country. Don’t want to get more at the store. I already have tons at home.


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