The three year old tantrums

They are absolutely insane. I don’t even know what to do. They usually happen when she is very disappointed about something or thinks that one thing is going to happen and then it doesn’t because she misunderstood. She loses her mind and goes crazy. Today it was in the car right home we stopped to go to the bathroom and she thought we were stopping at a store to get her a dollhouse but we were stopping at McDonald’s to go pee and she went bat shit crazy. Throwing everything in sight. Screaming “DONT TALK TO ME!!” In her loudest most possessed voice. Nothing calms her down. She is just flooded and it’s like you have to ride it out. Now I just ignore until they are over. Usually 10 minutes or so. It’s bad. Real bad.

In other news, another BFN today. It’s 11dpo so again, positive thing is my luteal phase is at least 11 days. Silver lining

I really am fearing AF is due tomorrow. I know afternoon temps don’t mean anything but for the heck of it I took mine a few minutes ago and it was way lower than my temp this morning. So I wonder if that means the process has already started. That we make for a shitty Monday. I am exhausted.

At least right now her dad is playing with her. I need a break from the three year old madness.


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