It’s August

Damn. It’s August. And it’s like a sauna where I live. It’s so so bad. I hate August.

We went to Colorado and it was amazing. AMAZING. I wish we could live there all summer like rich people do. Alas, not us.

My husband was mountain biking down the mountain and fell off his bike and slid down 20 feet on sharp rocks. He was wearing knee pads and all but they slid off him due to the force. He was pretty beat up. Nasty gash on his knee, elbow, hands, a bruised rib and bruises on his hip. No stitches required though, but he’s been hobbling around for awhile. I was annoyed because ummm… ttc with a busted husband does not work so well. We were returning on CD13. I had sort of given up this cycle because well, as I mentioned, he was busted. I took a few OPKs here and there but I haven’t been temping at all. I’ve really enjoyed not temping. I mean, it provokes some anxiety in me but at the same time I’m like…. not repeatedly looking at my fertility friend app like a crazy person.

Anyway, 2 days ago I took an OPK on a whim because it was CD20 and I was still having some EWCM and that definitely doesn’t show up after O. So crazy the OPK was positive (I’m pretty sure anyway). So I begged my husband to rally, just so we would at least have one shot this month. It was not easy, let me tell you. A bruised rib hurts as much as a cracked rib. We managed to make it happen. What’s crazy is if we conceive this round than essentially this kiddo would have the same due date as my first kid. I won’t be too disappointed if that doesn’t happen. Again, not that stoked about summer births because as I mentioned in my first post, DAMN IT’S SO FREAKING HOT. You can’t even GO outside with a kid right now. It’s actually DANGEROUS to do so. And I know my post partum depression was in part due to going stir crazy. Absolutely stir crazy.

I do have this insane fantasy though. Like, I give birth to a summer kid and somehow I have my shit together enough for us all to get in the car and make the 20 hour drive to Colorado and we rent a place up there for 3 weeks while I’m on maternity leave and we just walk around in the cool air and maybe we sent my daughter to some kind of day camp (yeah right, she would hate that). But just having some kind of change of pace. A girl can dream.

Anyway, I’ll be in Los Angeles on August 20th to visit one of my best friends and her 2 kids and husband. I’m staying with them for 3 nights (my daughter and husband are staying home). My period will be due right around then so it’s a good place for me to be actually. If it shows, it shows and I’ll just be happy to be hanging with my bestie.



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