Still good

14dpo. Period was due yesterday. Took another test in the evening, got another faint line. So faint lines on all. I went to the manufacturer website and they all look spot on for what the manufacturer says is normal for the time around missed period. See manufacturers photo below compared with my test from yesterday.


I am not spending $15 on a test that won’t change the outcome anyhow. 😁

Boobs are aching. Having loose stools (that happened with my first pregnancy). And now almost two days late. Definitely pregnant. Now just hoping to wait it out to get to the ultrasound in a little over two weeks probably. I will call my doc on Wednesday .

I told my parents  which is totally new for me as the first pregnancy I waited 10 whole weeks to say anything . Yes 10 weeks. So for them to know 2 days in, is wild. My mom is so excited and I know she will be so sad if this baby doesn’t stick. I would have told them either way of course.

Sorry if my faint lines are freaking you all out hahahah



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