Went to my doc’s office yesterday for the blood draw (I was 17dpo). HCG came back at 850 and progesterone came back at 17.7 so all is good.

I think it’s funny because I always lie to them when they ask when my last menstrual period was. I mean, this time around, I ovulated on day 21. With my first pregnancy, I ovulated on day 33. So anyway they never ask “when do you think you ovulated?” and calculate things on that… so annoying. So I just counted forward 7 days and lied and said my period was on July 25th that way all the dates would match up with everything. UGH AMERICA. Why do we do it like that?!

I won’t get my first ultrasound until I am 8 weeks. BOOOOO. So much to get through in the next month. With my first pregnancy, for whatever reason I got an ultrasound at 6 weeks. Damn. Oh well, now another month of waiting.

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