Feel like I’m coming down with something

Last night my throat felt drippy and my ears felt full. Today I feel achey, my neck and shoulders hurt and  I have a sore throat. I hate being sick. My kid never leaves me alone when I’m sick. She is 10000000% more clingy when I am sick. I hope whatever this is that it passes soon.

T minus 2 weeks til the ultrasound. Yay.

My boobs are still so sensitive I want to scream if anything brushes against them. Smells are making me feel sick to my stomach and there is just a general sense of blah. A little nauseous but not terrible. I just generally have to eat to feel better. Eat frequently. Of course not the things I should be eating. Although for some reason peaches and bananas have been awesome lately so I’m going with it.

I really wish I had a Guinness beer right now.

I went shopping for some new swimsuits yesterday. My current one is tight (because I have gained weight). I scored a sweet deal because the two swimsuits I found (identical copies of each other, just in two different sizes, one bigger) were on super duper clearance. So I bought them both. One that fits now and another that I can grow into. Won’t hold me at 8 months but it should do for the next several. Because we have a pool and hot tub at my parent’s place in the country and my daughter ONLY wants to swim like 24/7… I figured I needed to be able to wear some kind of swim suit. Last pregnancy I don’t think I got in a swimsuit even once. This time around with a toddler it’s different.


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