IUD removal date

Well, I just scheduled an appointment for Dec 1st with my obgyn to get my Mirena removed. Now, before you any of you freak out or celebrate or gasp, here are a few things.

  1. I read that there can be a horrible hormone crash after removal, and for that, I am terrified.
  2. I read it can take for some women, months for their bodies to normalize after removal
  3. One of our interns at work apparently had hers implanted not long ago, but her mirena punctured her uterus and like got out of her uterus and is like inside her body somewhere else and on Monday she had to have surgery to remove it! That was another thing that was like… umm let’s get this thing out of me
  4. Imagining ever finding a time to actually “try” to have a baby seems like it will be impossible.
  5. I still get a sick feeling in my stomach when I think about newborns
  6. Husband’s job thing is still up in the air
  7. I went to dial the number to schedule my appointment to have the Mirena removed today, and I hung up TWICE mid dialing. I finally called and scheduled the appointment.
  8. Imagining sitting in that exam room and my obgyn coming in and saying “so, you’re ready for #2 huh?!” and me being like “errrrr…….. well……… ” and the uncomfortable silence
  9. I want to talk to my OBGYN about c-sections in general and have that conversation after he removes the Mirena, and I feel like I am going to cry during that conversation and I am going to get horribly embarrassed (and I know that’s ok, it will be what it will be) but so not looking forward to me being like “So, I have some questions…. I.. well, I… you remember when you know, how I was during the delivery, and I, well… I’M PHOBIC OF SURGERY AND… AND… *SOB*”

So yeah. Just keeping you in the loop.