Wooohoooo!!!! AF arrival! It was a 34 day cycle. Not as fun as 26 but I’ll take it. And corresponds to approximately a 12-14 day luteal phase. This month I’m armed and ready! Bring it on body. Show me what you got.


Nothing going on

So boring just waiting for a period to show up. I am kicking myself for not realizing that the cramping on cd 20 was ovulation cramping followed by 2 days of EWCM and not just forcing my husband to get in the sack to cover our bases. I just really thought it was implantation. Nothing in my last 5 cycles has been like this. ARGH. It’s one thing to try and then it just doesn’t work, it’s another thing when you miss the boat completely. Now just walking around annoyed. Annoyed that my cycles might be getting longer too.

Anyone got tips for shortening cycles?

Figuring it out

I think my cycles are regressing back to being long. Noooooooooooooooooo NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

I think this month it played an evil trick on me. I think on days 10, 11, and 12 when I had copious amounts of egg white mucus my body never ovulated. I think it geared up but failed. And then 7 days later when I had crazy uterine cramps, that was maybe a sign of impending ovulation because following that I  had 2 days of egg white mucus (on day 22/23). Too bad we didn’t have sex then. God damn it. I took my basal temp today and it was 98. I looked back at my old charts (before my first pregnancy) and 98 was a high temp, meaning post ovulation. So now I am pretty sure my period will come between day 35 and 40. Which means that probably next month I will ovulate on a day in the 20’s…. but I will be prepared. Temping for sure. Possibly OPKs. The only minor hiccup is that I am supposed to be in Seattle in the middle of June for a conference. Now my husband might have a real reason to join me if it corresponds over my fertile days. UGH.



fertility chart.png

So here are my charts since my IUD removal December 1st (period coming December 26th). The  March chart is not 100% right, I didn’t record all my period days but it was a normal 4-5 days.

That “note” on this last cycle (cycle day 20) is when I had all that uterine cramping all day long that was rather bothersome.

What if my body didn’t release an egg at the usual time. What if something weird happened and then it realized it around cycle day 22? I guess because I didn’t temp we will never know *forehead slap*

A watched pot never  boils… and a watched period never shows =P


AF on the way

Feeling so blah. Every pregnancy test has been negative, including one this morning. It’s cycle day 28. Most of my cycles have been 26 days long, except for last cycle which was 32 days long. But weird to me because all of my egg white CM was coming on day 10/11/12 vs last month when it was a 32 day long cycle the CM was on day 14/15/16…. so what gives? When did I ovulate? WHY was I not just doing temping like I should have been?

I know I shouldn’t be complaining. A) this is month 1  B) when I got pregnant with my daughter, my cycles were 45 days long. I didn’t even OVULATE until day 32/33….   I can’t believe I had to wait longer than one of my now normal cycles in order to just ovulate. *shudder*

Fertility friend says my period should come tomorrow (even though I’ve only been imputing my menses and CM into it for the past few months).

December – 28 day cycle  – EWCM on days 13/14

January – 26 day cycle – EWCM on days 11/12/13/14

February – 26 day cycle (forgot to record EWCM)

March – 32 day cycle  (EWCM on days 13/14/15/16)

I guess FF will be right and AF will come tomorrow. I hope she hurries up so I can get on the bandwagon. This month I’ll be ordering a basal thermometer, OPKs, and the works =P

I am ready for a margarita. A damn good one too.


No symptoms here. Just cruising along feeling perfect. It’s like everything disappeared 2 days ago. *shrug* so who knows. Still holding out until Sunday to test. MAYBE even Monday?! I just read all this stuff on fertility friend talking about how really early testing is just not good and so many people get negatives. Testing on the day of the missed period is ideal, or even days after. But who can hold out that long? Sunday would still not be day of missed period….. so who knows.

I’m gearing up for my daughter’s birthday party tomorrow. I’m super excited as is she. It’s going to be awesome. It’s good to have things to look forward to.

I splurged and bought the fancy test

It was a waste. Hah. Decided to try out the first response test and it was a negative today. I think I might just wait until Sunday to test. Again, not totally sure if my period is expected Sunday, Monday, or Tuesday. It’s Thursday. Sunday we should know something (probably). Plus my daughter’s birthday is this Saturday and I’ve got so much to do. I really need to be on point. Going to try to get this stuff out of my head (or at least put it on the side for now and not give it too much attention). It’s amazing how much time I can be googling 10DPO pregnancy tests……………..  why why why why. It doesn’t change anything! lol.

Holding out!